A Rules Geek's General Guide to Responding to Rules Bashers on Recent Topics

Whether you’re talking about Justin Thomas whining about the Rules, people siding with Adam Schenk or Haotong Li, or Rickie Fowler’s ridiculous “drop,” those offering “hot takes” and commentary on the Rules of Golf are often uninformed. Read our general guide to refuting this line of commentary.

30 Days of 2019 Rules Changes!

There are about 30 major changes to the rules in 2019, and day by day we’ll be going through each of these changes to discuss and discover what’s new in 2019!

We Are the Rules Geeks!

We’re golfers, rules officials, teaching professionals, and rules geeks who like to talk about the rules of the greatest game on Earth.

Phil Mickelson Encounters an OB Fence

https://twitter.com/PGATOUR/status/1103756527956094976 They say hindsight is 20/20. Phil Mickelson drove a ball near an OB fence and the ball was determined to be in bounds. He opted to play the next shot right-handed, turning over one of his irons, and ended up...

Smaller 2019 Rules Changes

In our 30 Days of 2019 Rules Changes series, we highlighted 30 major rules changes. There are, of course, several other smaller rules changes that didn't quite make the cut. Below, I'll discuss a chunk of those, and in parentheses, cite the applicable Rule(s). Some of...

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Answering Bubba’s Flagstick Tweet

https://twitter.com/bubbawatson/status/1079467496313257984 Yes, unfortunately, that's a penalty, Bubba. Though you can now putt with the flagstick in the hole without penalty, the decision on whether to leave the flagstick in, take it out, or have it tended (in which...

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