To answer questions from yesterday’s little quiz:

1. A practice swing made with no intent to strike a ball is not a practice stroke. (Ref# 114)

  • Answer is True (Rule 5.5a)

2. A leaf sticking to the ball is a loose impediment.

  • Answer is False (Definition Loose Impediment)

3. In the general area, if a player’s ball in play has been lifted, it is again in play when replaced, dropped, or placed with the intent for it to be in play.

  • Answer is True (Rule 14.4)

4. Which of the following is incorrect regarding movement of a player’s ball?

  • Answer The player gets a penalty for accidentally moving his or her ball in a bunker while taking reasonable actions to remove a rake from the bunker. (Exception 4 to Rule 9.4b; Rule 15.2)

5. A provisional ball is a ball played under the Rules for a ball that may be lost anywhere.

  • Answer is False (Rule 18.3a)