On December 2, and for each of the next 30 days, RulesGeeks.com is going to be highlighting 30 major changes from the 2019 Rules.

Our schedule is as follows:

December 2 – Ball in Motion Accidentally Deflected and Double Hits
December 3 – Ball Moved During Search
December 4 – Putting with the Flagstick In the Hole
December 5 – Caddie Lifting Ball on the Putting Green
December 6 – Caddie Standing Behind a Player to Help Line the Player Up
December 7 – Code of Player Conduct
December 8 – Penalty Areas to Supersede Water Hazards
December 9 – Elimination of Opposite Side Relief for Red Penalty Areas
December 10 – Elimination of the Requirement to Announce the Player’s Intent to Lift a Ball
December 11 – Encouraging Prompt Pace of Play

December 12 – Expected Standards of Player Conduct
December 13 – Longest Club in Bag to be Used for Measurements
December 14 – “Maximum Score” Form of Stroke Play
December 15 – Moving or Touching Loose Impediments or Touching Sand in a Bunker
December 16 – No Penalty for Moving a Ball on the Putting Green
December 17 – Procedure for Dropping a Ball in and Playing it from a Relief Area
December 18 – Reasonable Judgment in Estimating and Measuring
December 19 – Relief for an Embedded Ball
December 20 – Repairing Damage on the Putting Green
December 21 – Replacing a Ball When the Original Spot is Not Known

December 22 – Standard for Deciding Why a Ball Moved
December 23 – Substitution of a Ball Damaged During Play of a Hole
December 24 – Substitution of a Ball Always Allowed When Taking Relief
December 25 – Time for Search Before a Ball is Lost
December 26 – Touching the Line of Play on a Putting Green
December 27 – Touching or Moving Loose Impediments or Touching the Ground in a Penalty Area
December 28 – Unplayable Ball in a Bunker
December 29 – Use and Replacement of Clubs Damaged During the Round
December 30 – Use of a Distance-Measuring Device
December 31 – When to Replace a Ball That Moves on the Putting Green

In early January, 2019 we will also publish an article with miscellaneous, slightly smaller rules changes, and encourage you to read the commentary on topics not addressed or changed in the 2019 Rules of Golf.

We hope you’ll join us several times throughout the month to brush up on the many new (and occasionally exciting) changes to the Rules of Golf coming in 2019!