The putting green used to be a pretty special place. And, while it still is in 2019, some of the old Rules and restrictions no longer apply.

In 2018, the Line of Play (or “Line of Putt”) on the putting green was fairly well protected, too. The line could be touched when addressing the ball, when removing loose impediments from the putting green, when lifting or replacing the ball, or repairing a ball mark, but little else. Generally speaking, the players were prohibited from touching the line of putt.

We’ve already seen (back on Day 19) that the 2019 Rules allow players to repair ball marks, spike marks, animal hoof prints, and any other type of damage to the putting green. They will also do away with the general prohibition from touching the line of play on the putting green. This also means that players may have their line of play indicated to them by a caddie, who can touch the green and say “aim here,” so long as the provisions under Rule 10.2b(2) are met (objects can’t be placed down to indicate the line of play, etc.).

The 2019 Rules of Golf still prohibit a player from improving his or her line of play on the putting green (8.1a as limited by 8.1b) beyond the allowed removal of loose impediments, repair of damage, etc., but there’s no longer a penalty simply for touching the line of play.

What does this mean? Well, one of the most obvious to me is that AimPoint practitioners will no longer have to stand a foot to the side of their line. If they wish to stand on their line of play, they’re no longer prohibited under the Rules of Golf from doing so.